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Harman Brings In The All New V2x-Based Automotive Safety System

Samsung Electronics’, wholly owned subsidiary, Harman International, specializing in coupled technologies for the automotive, commercial, and home markets, unveiled a new “Dual-Mode V2X” system to improve car safety. The flexible telematics system includes software and hardware and uses DSRC (short-range communications) and cellular (5G) networks, eliminating many uncertainties for many security system configurations.

V2X communication refers to compatible data transfer between a connected vehicle and its environment, including other vehicles on the road, infrastructure, and even pedestrians. Currently, two standards support this communication; DSRC, based on wireless LAN technology, and C-V2X, which is part of the 5G mobile network standards. However, the availability of C-V2X and DSRC varies from region to region and can give rise to significant suspicion for automakers wishing to launch V2X functions such as traffic signal recognition, adaptive cruise control, and neutral warnings.

With the development of Harman’s dual-mode V2X system, car manufacturers can now use active controls to select the standards implemented in each vehicle. As a result, this technology offers a cost-effective solution for car manufacturers, improving overall user experience and road safety, and avoiding compliance.

Ram Iyer, senior technical director of Harman’s telematics division, said, “DSRC and C-V2X will play a crucial role in transforming network connectivity.” The launch of our dual-mode V2X system follows our commitment to deliver essential solutions that best fulfill the demands of car manufacturers wanting to implement more connected security functions. Based on our relationship with Samsung for mobile technology, as well as our powerful technology, Telematics Controllers (TCUs), offers true flexibility is essential to support both modes without offering customized solutions for each standard. “

The Harman V2X dual-mode system will be featured in TU-Automotive Detroit 2019, with proprietary software and hardware that can run Harman telematics control units (TCUs) or autonomous vehicles that use separate TCUs. This two-mode feature will be available for vehicles of the year 2021 model and will support an increasing number of use cases for safety and efficiency.

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