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Astronaut Captures Amazing Pics Of Changing Planet From ISS

In case you are searching for an amazing sunset to feast your eyes on, there is a new video that is perfect for you. It shows how the day-end looks on the ISS. This video is just one out of the many recent pictures and videos showing how astronauts see the Earth.

An amazing time-lapse was captured from a window of the station and it was posted on June 3, 2019. It showed the dramatic spectacle of the sun setting right ahead. The sun’s long rays stretch downwards in the direction of the horizon of the Earth, till the sun is seen at the video’s top, blazing bright. It shows off the characteristics of a star-like planetary body because no atmosphere present for blurring the light’s sharp edges.

Astronauts on orbiting complexes experience sunsets about 16 times every day because the station goes around the Earth once in 90 minutes. Recent tweets by ISS inhabitants have displayed a general liking on the part of the astronauts to look at the Earth in whatever little spare time they get.

Another space station video shows the view enjoyed by astronauts, in a backdrop of the cloudy Earth. The station is found to zoom into light, as it moves to Atlantic Ocean from Pacific Ocean. Nick Hague, who is a part of the ongoing Expedition 59, posted a comment with this video back in May, saying that wispy clouds disappearing into shadows have mesmerized him.

Hague as well as Christina Koch, his crewmate from the U.S., recently posted pictures of what they witness below on the Earth. Koch’s snapshot showed a circle-shaped green aurora shimmering beneath 2 spacecraft that had been attached to the space station. She further added that the aurora is inspiring when it is viewed from above as down below.

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