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It Is Jupiter’s Moon Europa That Has The Best Chance Of Hosting Life

Scientists studying Jupiter have found a major revelation as they discovered massive amount of liquid water beneath a thick ice sheet while exploring one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa. Owing to the observations, it is stated to have very high probability of having life on it. Scientists too have stated that in the entire solar system, it has the highest chances after Earth, of hosting life. Adding to these observations, they’ve now found that Europa has salty liquid water, much identical to earth’s oceans, further strengthening the probability of life’s existence there.

The journal Science Advances has published the findings. Visiting Europa to confirm the findings was more difficult than the existence of life there, so scientists just switched to the spectrograph instrument on the Hubble which is powerful enough for them to understand the making of nearby worlds. They did it and found that the water at Europa is very salty which makes it imminent for the existence of life there. Whether or not life has existed there yet is still something that can’t be outrightly judged. Scientists are considering sending a project involving robots but the entire thing will cost a lot to succeed. The thick sheet of ice above the liquid water will need to be penetrated and that will not be easy by any means. With moon and Mars the top priorities for now, further investigations about Europa are a few years ago for sure.

Talking of NASA’s future projects, it has finally given out details about its plan to land humans on moon again. NASA reportedly needs an overall additional budget of USD 20 – USD 30 billion to succeed with all their plans for the mission. For now, White House has requested an extra USD 1.6 billion for NASA in the annual budget for 2020.

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