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FedEx Moves Court Against the US Government Over Export Control Laws

After Google requesting the US government to take back the ban on Huawei, FedEx have gone a step ahead to sue the US Department Of Commerce in their attempt to get done with the ban. As per the reports, FedEx have filed a complaint against the US Department of Commerce, stating that the export control laws are way too difficult for a company like them to understand and follow, and without explicitly mentioning Huawei pointed out how hard they too are being hit by the ban on Huawei.

The complaint was filed in the DC federal court this past Monday. Though FedEx did not mention Huawei explicitly, a string of disputes between them and Huawei over the export laws is a reason strong enough for anyone to understand the complaint has to do something with Huawei. The US ban on Huawei implies any shipping of a US based technology product to Huawei as illegal. FedEx argues that all their products are packed before shipment. This makes it difficult to identify whether the package is legal or not to be shipped by them. They’ve added that the complete process of checking every package will incur a heavy cost on them and leave the privacy of the package completely destroyed. FedEx demands the government to take down the ban on Huawei or at least keep common carriers like FedEx out of it.

UPS, FedEx’s counterpart, on the contrary, have declined to support the concern raised by FedEx. They’ve stated that they have not faced any issues while delivering to Huawei or any other client so far due to the presence of Huawei in Entity List. UPS haven’t been very vocal about any issues lately, but coming out and speaking against their rivals does have a lot to ponder over for the delivery giants.

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