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50% Shops Do Not Check Ids Before Selling Tobacco, Vape To Teens

On conducting an undercover mission in California, it has been found that over 50% of vape and tobacco shops do not check for ID, despite state laws setting the minimum age at 21. When these teenage decoys were sent, they were able to buy vape and nicotine products in nearly 50% of the shops. This study appeared in JAMA Pediatrics. Pharmacies, liquor stores, and supermarkets had a higher rate of asking for ID. Tobacco and vape shops preferred to sell these products rather than conventional cigarettes, probably because of higher margins, stated Lisa Henriksen from the study. The researchers were from Stanford and CDDPH.

Anti-tobacco activists state that this raises new questions over prevention efforts in teens. Matthew Myers of CTFK stated that this poked holes in manufacturer argument that raising minimum age would suffice. E-cigarette usage in teens is now at 40%. Gregory Conley of AVA stated that while California had raised the minimum age to 21, retailers were still selling these products to those between 18 and 21 by mistake. Conley favored mandatory ID requirements at PoS. Juul also called for the age restriction in its print, radio and digital ads.

Connecticut has increased its minimum age to 21 as well, for purchasing vape and tobacco products. Juul stated that it would fight this problem. It has a program for ensuring age verification in stores as well. However, Myers stated that these laws are not enough. Only a complete ban on these products will be useful enough, he says. Juul is now considering stores which would require ID verification right at the store’s door. Carolina’s AG accused Juul of marketing its products to teens and children. FDA announced in September that blitzes on retail stores resulted in around 1300 fines and warning letters relating to the sales of these products to minors. FDA proposed these products to be restricted only to adult stores. Henriksen stated that the FDA ought to be commended for its efforts. She said that she was worried about sales in shops which have no age verification enforcement at all.

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