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EU Must Ban AI-Based Mass Surveillance And Citizen Scoring

A team of policy experts brought together by the EU has suggested that it prohibit the employment of AI for mass “scoring of individuals” and mass surveillance. This is a practice that possibly comprises gathering different info about citizens—everything from their behavior on social media to criminal records—and then employing it to assess their ethical or moral integrity.

The suggestions are fraction of the EU’s current efforts to set up itself as a dominator in supposed “ethical AI.” Previously this year, it rolled out its first rules on the topic, claiming that AI in the EU must be set up in a “human-centric” and trustworthy way.

The new report provides more specific suggestions. These comprise verifying regions of AI research that need funding; motivating the EU to add AI training into universities and schools; and recommending new ways to check the affect of AI. On the other hand, the document is only a set of suggestions at this point, and not a legislation blueprint.

Remarkably, the recommendations that the EU must limit mass surveillance and ban AI-based mass scoring are some of the relatively few concrete suggestions of the report. The fear of AI-based mass-scoring has grown majorly from reports about nascent social credit system in China.

This program is often shown as a dystopian method that will offer the Chinese management huge control over people’s behavior; letting them to dole out penalties in response to ideological violations.

On a related note, the EU already assumed that Russia was making an effort to disturb its parliamentary elections via online interference and other hacks, and now it is directly accusing the nation for the same reason.

EU executives have posted a report blaming Russia of orchestrating a “sustained and continued” misinformation campaign at the time of late May election analogous to ones the nation tried in France, the US, and other nations.

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