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Affordable Care Act Is Yet Again In Supreme Court—Report

Back in 2010, Affordable Care Act was amended as a law but Supreme Court upheld it during 2012 as well as 2015.It has survived repeal efforts from the Congress. Even then it is not safe. At present the threat on Affordable Care Act lurks in the city of Louisiana, New Orleans. In here, three judges will conduct hour and half oral argument on Tuesday. The challenge will be against the key features of Affordable Care Act and its statute.

Back in 2012, Supreme Court declared that the Obamacare was under the power of taxation; furthermore, in 2015 it saved the tax credits of the law in state and federal insurance exchanges. In December 2018, Reed O’Connor repealed the tax over those who did not have insurance. Repeal was duly signed by Donald Trump and was included in $1.5 trillion tax cutting.

If the law gets cancelled then it will affect insurance of 20 million Americans’ medical aids, subsidies, young adult coverage etc. Most of the analysts at present are focusing on court proceeding which can lead the Affordable Care Act straight into Supreme Court.

At one of the sides, there is Trump Administration as well as 18 states which agree with the decision made by Reed O’Connor. Contrary to this, there are 16 states and US House of representatives which want that the ruling against the law should get reversed. Two judges in the panel were chosen by republican presidents and the other one was picked by democrat.

Betting line at the present hearing would be to reverse the decision of trial judge and keep the law and the hearing will not be done in the Supreme Court. Contrary to this, if appeal court struck out the law then a hearing can be organized in the high court, most probably during the next year.

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