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Facebook Aims To Increase Its Minority Workers 2 Times In The Next 5 Years

Facebook is more assorted versus it was 6 Years back, but the firm confesses that it has a long way to cover. Last week, Facebook launched its 2019 Diversity Report, and while it employs more minorities and women versus it did a few years back, it is still primarily male. In the US, the bulk of its workers are Asian or White. But those figures are anticipated to alter. In the next 5 Years, Facebook expects at minimum 50% of its labor force will be females, people with disabilities, under-represented minorities, and veterans.

In order to reach there, Facebook aims to increase its female workers 2 times all over the world along with its Hispanic and Black workers in the US. “It will be a firm that better serves and reflects the individuals on our services, platforms, and products,” Facebook claimed to the media in an interview. The firm claims that the aim is both important and ambitious, and it states that it will track its development carefully.

Similar to other tech firms, Facebook has encountered criticism for its shortfall of diversity. At times, its attempts to drive diversity have been hampered by its own appointing practices. And appointing more females, for example, has not always led to an elevation in women leadership. While it is essential that Facebook is setting goals to drastically elevate minority representation and keeping track of its diversity stats, we have been listening to the same message for quite a long time now.

On a related note, Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook have built developed one more AI bot that overtake some best poker pros. Although AI bots have been to most excellent professional players in one-on-one contest, Facebook states that it is the first time a bot has been capable of beating leading pros in “any primary benchmark game.”

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