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Ex-top Officials, Pharmacists Detained For Illegal Opioid Distribution

Pharmaceutical distributor Miami-Luken, its two ex-top officials and two pharmacists have been accused of illegal opioid distribution in states that are worst affected by the opioid epidemic.

The charge stated that the distribution of hydrocodone and oxycodone was beyond the purview of professional practice and for illegitimate purposes. The drug wholesaler supposedly was negligent while processing the suspicious orders and failed to use the required caution in order to avoid the drugs from being used for improper purposes.

The four individuals who were taken into custody on Thursday morning included ex- president of Miami-Luken, its compliance officer and two pharmacists from West Virginia. Drug Enforcement Administration Assistant Administrator, John Martin stated that the arrests would act as a fore warning to all pharmacists and distributors permitting the illegal sale and dispensing of opioid prescription drugs from their stores.

Miami-Luken had dispensed huge amounts of hydrocodone pills and oxycodone units to a pharmacy located in a West Virginia town inhabited by just 1,400 residents. Another wrongful shipment made by the distributor included to a pharmacy that was being investigated by the DEA. Besides West Virginia, other states receiving drugs from the distributor included Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio.

Company officials could not be reached on Thursday. The Dayton Daily News had carried a report in January about the likelihood of the company being shut down. The defendants could get a 20 year prison sentence if they are convicted.

The US is facing the worst opioid crisis in many years with about 47,600 deaths being reported due to opioid overdose in 2017. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that the figure surpasses deaths due to breast cancer. Opioid is a pharmaceutical class that has prescription painkillers along with illicit drugs such as heroin within its purview and the misuse and addiction to opioids has become a major national crisis in the country.

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