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Women More At The Risk Of Heart Failure Due To Diabetes Than Men

A new paper has revealed that the risk of heart failure due to diabetes is greater in women than men with type 1 diabetes contributing towards a 47% higher risk and type 2 diabetes towards a 9% higher risk. The research was undertaken by the University of Oxford in the UK.

The research studied and analyzed data of 14 earlier published studies focusing on the link between risk of heart failure and diabetes. The studies belonged to the period spanning January 1966 to November 2018. The researchers concluded that incidence of heart failure was greater in women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes though reasons for the same could not be pinpointed by them. More research will be needed for knowing the exact reasons, they said.

One of the major limitations present in the study was that the data was restricted to the earlier published studies which failed to have information on the length of every individual’s diabetes. Nevertheless, two factors were highlighted by the study and that was the increased risk of heart failure in individuals with type 1diabetes than type 2 and its greater incidence in women. The study certainly paved the way for more reflection and emphasized greater need by women to care for their health.

Patients with diabetes have to make every effort to avoid smoking, take a statin and control their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Women with diabetes especially have to be careful to totally avoid smoking as that could prove fatal to their health.

The study supported the views all along held by physicians treating patients with diabetes though it did fail to address the reasons for greater risk of heart failure in women with diabetes. In any case, it did focus on the need for such women to monitor for any symptom that could be associated with heart failure.

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