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Ebola Reaches Congolese City Goma On Rwandan Border Raising Serious Health Concerns

The confirmation of an Ebola case in the Congolese city of Goma on Rwandan border has raised serious health concerns. Health experts have all along focused their efforts to prevent the outbreak from spreading to the neighboring countries.

The affected person entering the city from a bus hailing from Butembo; a virus affected city, has been swiftly quarantined and the bus driver and passengers tracked down. They will receive vaccination on Monday.

Health officials were prepared to tackle the eventuality of the virus reaching the city of Goma and this enabled swift measures to be undertaken. Preparation measures comprised monitoring the health centers of the city for suspected patients, screening travelers entering or leaving the city and undertaking outbreak simulation activities.

UN’s Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock emphasized the need to obtain a large number of donations if the virus had to be combated on a war footing. Without adequate funding it was very difficult to eliminate the incidence of the virus. He revealed that some portion of donations received during the same virus outbreak in West Africa in 2014-15 was released to aid in DRC efforts.

In spite of availability of experimental treatments and vaccines for Ebola, managing the outbreak has proved difficult due to restricted resources for health care, remote locations, mistrust by locals and violence against health workers. If no funding was made available it would lead to closure of Ebola treatment centers and reduce number of mobile response teams, increasing the risks to further levels. According to him, the cost effective strategy involved was an immediate hike in the health care investment.

The regions affected by the epidemic ravaging DR Congo include northeastern provinces such as Butembo and neighboring Ituri. Goma is also located in the same area. The virus spread its tentacles to the neighboring Uganda too but such isolated cases were effectively handled.

Lowcock stated that the jump of the virus had to be contained before it was too late.

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