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Netflix Likely To Launch An Attractively Cheap Mobile Only Plan In India

On July 17, the content streaming forerunner, Netflix, announced to launch an attractive cheap mobile plan only in India. The company will venture into a cost- sensitive bazaar, where there is a swelling in the data usage on smartphones.

In March, Netflix had stated that it is experimenting with a $3.63 (Rs.250) monthly payment for smart phones in India. Data plans in India are amongst the low-priced internationally.

The company believe that this venture of their will be effective in introducing a bulk of the country’s population to Netflix in India and will further assist in expanding their trade in a marketplace where ARPU of Pay TV is cheap.

This new plan of the company is targeting at fighting off low cost offerings from competitors like Prime Video of Amazons’ and Indian unit of Walt Disney’s, Hotstar.

Currently, Netflix is offering 3 monthly plans in the country, which is valued between Rs.500 and Rs.800.

The company’s rivals, Hotstar is offering contents from HBO and is streaming live sports at a cost of Rs.299 per month, while Amazon offers a package of its music and video streaming services through Amazon Prime membership.

This announcement was made by Netflix by seeing its Q2 results which has plunged down, far from what was anticipated.

India figures conspicuously in Netflix CEORH (Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings’) international expansion scheme. The company is going for a highly invested blockbuster shows  like crime thriller ‘Delhi Crime’ and ‘Sacred Games’, featuring A-list Bolly actors. Netflix India is set to release the 2nd season of the crime show ‘Sacred Games’ in August.

Netflix CCO (Chief Content Officer) Ted Sarandos stated that the company is observing a good steady rise in rendezvous with Indian watchers and hope to strengthen the ties further on. He further added that growth in Indian viewers is a lengthy process and they are into it for a long pull.

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