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Google’s Fast Pair Headphones Chase Down AirPods With 2 New Features

The constant desire from Google to chase down Apple in every possible aspect has kept the tech industry buzzing since ages now. Adding to the long list of one on ones between Google and Apple, Google might just have edged past Apple’s AirPod with its Fast Pair headphones adding two new features to boast about. Google announced that Fast Pair will boast of two new key features, first, a Find My Device functionality, and second, individual battery life for both cases and buds.

Fast Pair was launched a few I/Os back and was an attempt from Google to keep up with Apple’s AirPods. As is the case most of the times, Google’s capacity to make its product available through multiple manufacturers have given Fast Pair that edge over AirPods initially. The new features don’t just end at two, but also has many minor and major tweaks to it. However, the two key features are the ones worth talking about. The first one, the Find My Device functionality, will help users locate their device using Bluetooth. Users can switch to this functionality to know where exactly the headphones had last been used.  It will also send chimes to locate nearby devices. The battery life for the charging case will also be displayed which will make it easier for the user to identify when to recharge the headphones. After Android Q is released, Fast Pair headphones will have a separate support page helping people with the Find My Device functionality and Google Assistant settings as well.

Talking of new features from Google, the company has assured that with the new Google Chrome 76 update, companies won’t be able to identify when a user is in Incognito mode. They have changed the way FileSystem API behaves making it difficult for websites to identify whether the user is Incognito mode or not.

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