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Fresh Markets, Target Recall Salads, Sandwiches Over Listeria Concerns

Target Corporation, the eighth largest retailer in the US and The Fresh Market, the Greensboro, North Carolina-based US chain of gourmet supermarkets have started to withdraw a few of their sandwiches and salads in the wake of potential contamination by listeria, caused by the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. This was reported by the US Food and Drug Administration.

As per a press release from Elevation Foods, the US fast-casual restaurant chain, containers with egg salad, tuna salad and Thai lobster salad from Archer Farms and Freskët, deviled egg sandwiches from Archer Farms manufactured on June 18, 2019, are included in the list of withdrawal.

Meanwhile, The Fresh Market has reported that Thai Lobster Salad that they had sold in pre-packed containers and in their self-serve bars that sell seafood salad, will be included in the withdrawal list. As per the company press release, 1087 cases containing the product were manufactured at their Elevation Foods’ Knoxville production facility. All were shipped to different warehouses all over the country.

The company has appealed to the consumers that if they are willing to find if they have bought products that are potentially contaminated, the use-by date and the lot number that they find printed at the side of the containers or on their lids are the best reference.

Though no case of illness has so far been reported about, listeria infection can turn out to be lethal, which can cause life-threatening infection in elders as well as children, or those with a feeble immune system. Healthy grownups can suffer from short term symptoms like headache, high temperature along with nausea, stiffness, pain, and cramps in abdomen, and acute diarrhea that might turn bloody depending upon severity. Women, when infected by the bacteria, can have miscarriages as well as stillbirth.

Elevation Foods officials said the issue cropped up for the first time following tests that were conducted by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Florida on three containers containing egg salad yielded positive results.

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