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Elderly, Disabled Residents Bear The Brunt As Nursing Home Chain Closes

Skyline Healthcare, the owner of the nursing home chain is closing down putting the future of patients into jeopardy. Most of the branches of the healthcare chain are being closed down due to a shortage of fund. Such has been the shortage of fund that the staffs of four Massachusetts branches are paying from their pockets to buy toilet papers. The patients have been told to find out alternative places to live in, in the next 30 days.

The worst part of the story is that no one gave any prior warning to the families of the patients and that has annoyed many of them.

During its heydays, Skyline Healthcare ran and owned over 100 facilities spread over 11 states in the US, taking care of more than 7000 elderly US citizens.  However, over the last couple of years, the chain has crumbled down, with over a dozen homes shutting down and throwing vendors, and residents, employees as well as the state regulators in the midst of an eternal chaos and confusion.

While money dried in most of the homes, a few others were closed due to sheer negligence towards patients that was documented in the Government records. 14 homes were compelled to close down permanently, resulting in the displacement of over 900 residents in other facilities, some of them miles and hours away!

What we are seeing is the dramatic rise and fall of an empire, built almost single-handedly. Joseph Schwartz, the CEO and the co-owner of the chain almost single-handedly made Skyline one of the front runners in the US healthcare sector. However, utter mismanagement, coupled with unprofessional approach had taken their toll, leading to the catastrophic failure of the chain that we are witnessing at present. An investigation carried out by NBC has revealed the crumbling down of an empire built by a man, which has led to painful consequences and left innumerable vulnerable people utterly helpless.

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