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Google Is Removing The Ancient Voice Search In Support Of Assistant

On a related note, the familiar microphone logo in search bar from Google may shortly be eliminated, as per some recent modifications seen by media. On some handsets, the old-school “Voice Search” by Google with the “Say ‘Hey Google'” prompt has been restored by the phrase “Ask your Assistant” and the Assistant icon (the 4-dot logo). As a prompt, that is just like the one present in Google’s Pixel launcher at the bottom. It still launches the same UI as earlier, but the search is now conducted by Assistant and shows the outcomes in a slide-up mode.

The Voice Search by Google has been present in one or the other form for many years, and operates in more languages as compared to the Assistant. On the other hand, Google evidently needs consumers to use Assistant in its place so that they have a same experience all over various devices. Whether they be smartphones or smart speakers. The modification is only appearing on some handsets, but can be imminent in a phased launched to others moving forward.

On a related note, Google’s app for the people who have hearing issue is now available for many more users. The Sound Amplifier app by the tech firm now shows support for devices operating on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above, not only to 9.0 Pie like it did earlier. You will not require a comparatively modern device to recognize a sound or conversation from a TV. Just a decent pair of headphones will do. There is a new look with a visualization functionality, as well.

The media asked Google what changed to let Sound Amplifier on earlier handsets. The initial variant needed Dynamic Processing Effect of Android Pie. The premise stays the same. The app can tailor frequencies to boost essential sounds while removing out noise, comprising different levels for separate ears.

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