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Google To Allow Competition Bid For Android’s Default Search Engine

The users of phones and tablets using Android in the European Union will be having a chance to install any of Google’s rivals as their search provider by default. For acquiring this chance the rival search firms have to compete among themselves over the amount to be paid to Google in case they are selected by the users.

Google has come up with this option of letting users to make choice while setting up the devices after they had been fined for abusing their positions by the European Commission. They were fined $4.8 billion dollars in July of 2018 for abusing their market position. One of the competitors has cautioned that the users will lose as a result of this. The chief executive at Cliqz, which is a German based search firm, Dr. Marc Al-Hames said that if it happens that the biggest bidder does not happen to be the best search provider then the users will be at a loss.  He said that the choice should be made on selecting the most innovative or the most private provider. It has been said that by the start of 2020, users in the European Economic Area will have a provision to choose among the four available search providers to make them default on the devices. One of the four options will be Google while the others will be based on the bids.

Google said that Google and the other three bid winners will be randomly ordered on the screen from which the users can make their choice. There will be separate bidding processes for different countries. The new choice screen for search provider will appear on those Android phones which has pre-installed Google app in them. It was also announced by Google that changes would be made in the way its search results would be displayed with the EU.

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